Mar 29, 2023

Ask Your MP to Support Farmers and Vote in Favour of Bill C-234

At a time when costs are on the rise, farmers continue to step up to feed Canadian families and the world. Their impact isn’t small. Canadian farmers are the largest global producer of canola, which provides heart-healthy cooking oil, feed for animals and a low-emitting biofuel feedstock.

To help farmers continue to do what they do best, they need working capital. Bill C-234 exempts on-farm use of natural gas and propane from carbon pricing, leaving money in farmers’ pockets to invest in innovations that support sustainability and enhance food production. These technologies can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. For canola farmers, this could be energy-efficient grain dryers or precision agriculture technologies that help minimize inputs such as fertilizer and crop protection products.

Unfortunately, today there are no viable options other than natural gas or propane to perform necessary practices on farm. For example, during a wet harvest, canola needs to be dried using a grain dryer to avoid crop spoilage. The carbon price charged to use natural gas or propane for grain dryers alone can cost thousands of dollars per year, leaving less money for farmers to invest in new technologies.

Send a letter to your Member of Parliament asking them to support farmers by voting in favour of Bill C-234. By doing so, you can help Canadian farmers stay competitive, so they can continue to invest in the latest innovations, improve their environmental footprint and contribute to food security and the Canadian economy.

Can Canada’s 43,000 canola farmers count on you?

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