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Hill Day 2024

Hill Day 2024

April 15 - 16, 2024 | Our premier annual gathering, where Canadian Chamber Network, business and trade association leaders come together to meet with government.

April 15 – 16, 2024 | Fairmont Château Laurier, Ottawa, ON

Hill Day is the Canadian Chamber’s premier annual gathering in the nation’s capital, where Canadian Chamber Network, business and trade association leaders come together to meet with government decision-makers to discuss the most pressing issues affecting Canadian businesses and the economy.  

Hill Day attendees had the opportunity to advocate for policies related to the environment and natural resources; an innovative economy; international policy and trade; reliable supply chains; strong communities; and industry competitiveness.   

Along with advocacy meetings, Hill Day featured keynote addresses by government officials and thought leaders and a networking reception for attendees, Parliamentarians and parliamentary staff on Monday, April 15.  

*This event is for Canadian Chamber members only.

For any questions, please contact Khadijah White, Event Manager.

Thematics of Meetings with Parliamentarians and Government Officials

Upon registering, participants will indicate their preference for the themed meetings with Parliamentarians and government officials.

Environment and Natural Resources
How we get to net-zero matters to ensure Canada remains competitive, enhances investment, creates jobs and promotes innovation. Canadian businesses need a plan to encourage capital investment while producing and
exporting sustainably produced energy, carbon-removal technologies, clean fuels, critical minerals and finished goods. Canada can also be a global leader in sustainable finance.

(Meeting targets: Environment and Climate Change Canada; Natural Resources Canada)
Innovative Economy
Canadian businesses are well-placed to lead in high-growth sectors, but to maintain this competitive edge, we must capitalize on our advantages in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and digital health while continuing to support a resilient and competitive life science and health sector.

(Meeting targets: Health Canada; Industry, Science, and Economic Development; Finance Canada)
International Policy and TradeAs an open, trade-based economy, international developments matter to Canadian businesses. The past few years have witnessed major geopolitical disruptions that have affected trade and security. This is an opportunity to discuss related policies and trade priorities, including the U.S.-Canada relationship.

(Meeting targets: Global Affairs Canada; International Trade)
Reliable Supply ChainsThe evolving role of transportation and logistics is critical to countries’ competitive success, but Canada’s supply chains remain only as strong as their weakest link. This theme will explore supply chain resilience in the face of more frequent disruptions, Canada’s long-term infrastructure needs, and new data and administrative requirements faced by business.

(Meeting targets: Transport Canada; Infrastructure Canada)
Stronger Communities
Attracting and retaining top talent while increasing productivity is vital to Canadian businesses. However, many sectors struggle to find and retain the talent needed to grow. As employers plan the skilled workforce of tomorrow, Canada needs to ensure a stable housing market and functional immigration policy that will meet
regional and business needs.

(Meeting targets: Employment and Social Development Canada; Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada)
Industry Competitiveness
Regulators and businesses must work together to prevent undermining Canada’s economic growth and competitiveness. To avoid losing the next generation of talent and innovation to competing nations, government must avoid imposing new business taxes and regulatory measures that drive investment away.

(Meeting targets: Treasury Board Secretariat; Finance Canada; Industry, Science and Economic Development) 

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