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Executive Summit Series

Executive Summit Series

These half-day virtual sessions will dive deep into issues our political leaders need to consider to ensure public policies drive business success.

Our 2023 Executive Summit Series will feature ten sectors and explore how each contributes to our country’s economic success.

Our Executive Summit Series gives us the opportunity to take a deep dive into issues our political leaders need to consider to ensure public policies drive business success.

Each event will ignite insightful conversations with some of Canada’s most influential business leaders and government officials, as we strive to meet our biggest challenges: the future of people, technology, trade and climate. 

Upcoming Executive Summits

Net-Zero | March 28 | Ottawa, ON | Hybrid

In March 2022, Environment and Climate Change Canada released its 2030 Emissions Reductions Plan. Since then, there have been continued policy and regulatory changes to reduce Canada’s carbon footprint – but are we on track to reach our emissions targets? This Executive Summit will examine Canada’s 2030 Emissions Reductions Plan one year after release and will provide private sector perspectives on Canada’s path to net-zero.

Diversity & Inclusion | May 3 | Virtual

Increasing diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do but the economic argument for it is clear, too. Diverse and inclusive companies perform better in decision-making, innovation, profitability, and employee engagement and productivity.

This Executive Summit will focus on the current state of diversity and inclusion in corporate Canada and the different ways through which the private sector is making progress and moving from awareness to action.

The Future of Canada’s Aviation Sector | Date TBD | Hybrid

Canada’s aviation industry has never been more challenged nor more critical to our future as it is today.  This year is shaping up to be one of the most critical years for the industry in decades. Whether it is record levels of competition, future of regional connectivity, debt and unprofitability, consumer frustration, labour challenges or the role of government, there is no shortage of issues that require a national conversation.

This Executive Summit will serve as an opportunity to discuss challenges, opportunities, and solutions to support a strong and resilient air transportation sector in Canada.

Life Sciences | September 20 | Ottawa, ON | Hybrid

The pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of Canada’s healthcare systems and demonstrated the central role that the life sciences sector plays in health and economic well-being. It has also underlined the critical importance of building future resiliency based on continued strong collaboration within the ecosystem, a coherent approach to aligning cutting-edge research with the enhanced adoption of health innovations, interoperable health data infrastructure and a more robust, globally integrated manufacturing footprint and supply chains.

This Executive Summit will focus on what has been done and what still remains as priorities to strengthen pandemic preparedness and health system resilience, promote improved health outcomes for Canadian patients, and foster a world-class life sciences ecosystem as a driver of jobs and growth.

Cybersecurity | October 4 | Virtual

Cybersecurity is essential to ensuring the viability, operation and growth of the digital economy, and is key to furthering innovation and securing trust in our data-driven world. Faced with a cybersecurity skills gap of some 4 million people globally, and an ever-increasing number of connected devices (67 billion endpoints and counting), the challenges and costs associated with securing our digitally enabled world are increasing.

This Executive Summit will focus on shaping a better future by exploring the changes needed in cooperation amongst the private and public sector and discussing the advocacy needed for policy and regulatory frameworks that promote security and economic growth.

Food Supply | October 25 | Virtual

Canada has an abundance of the goods the world wants and needs. As one of the largest global exporters of agriculture and fertilizer, we have an opportunity to step up to meet the growing demand for Canada’s agriculture and agri-food. However, if Canada is going to step up, governments must act with urgency to meet the opportunity.

This Executive Summit will discuss how Canada can and must champion food security.

Sustainable Finance | November 8 | Virtual

The Sustainable Finance Executive Summit will address the obstacles Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting challenges pose to sustainable economic growth. Our panelists and speakers will also explore how a more coherent and cohesive reporting landscape can benefit Canadian businesses.

Artificial Intelligence | November 22 | Virtual

More information will be available in the coming weeks.

Past Executive Summits

Session recordings from each Executive Summit will be made available on our YouTube channel.

Critical Minerals | March 2 | Ottawa, ON | Hybrid

As global demand for critical minerals continues to increase, Canada has launched its first nationwide Critical Minerals Strategy. Canada has the opportunity to provide mineral inputs to international markets while at the same time sustaining its own domestic manufacturing and green energy sectors.

This Executive Summit will examine Canada’s strategy for developing its mineral resources and will provide private sector perspectives on the next steps in advancing Canada’s brand as a sustainable supplier of critical minerals.

The Canada – U.S. Roadmap | March 20 | Ottawa, ON | In-Person Only

At their February 2021 meeting, Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden agreed on a “Roadmap for a Renewed Canada-U.S. Partnership,” which proposed a range of joint actions on trade, climate change, and global and regional security issues. As President Biden makes his first trip to Ottawa, has any progress been made in strengthening bilateral cooperation? Given shifting geopolitical contexts, renewed protectionist rhetoric in the U.S. and a turn to industrial policy, this Executive Summit will revisit the commitments made and consider what more can be done to bolster economic ties between our two countries.

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