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About the ATA Carnet

ATA is a French and English acronym of “Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission.” Established by the World Customs Organization (WCO) in 1961 to facilitate world trade, the ATA Carnet is an internationally recognized customs document for the temporary importation of goods.

Accepted in over 80 countries, the Carnet permits the duty-free and tax-free importation of goods into foreign countries during its one-year validation period, simplifies customs procedures, reduces business costs and saves time and paperwork.

A Carnet covers virtually all goods, except for consumable or disposable items and goods for repair and/or processing.


Carnets are commonly used by sales people and manufacturers to bring their wares into foreign countries to show as commercial samples to potential customers or to display at trade fairs and exhibitions. Canadian entertainers, sports teams, the media and service companies also frequently use Carnets to travel with their professional equipment.


As the Canadian national guaranteeing organization, we have been issuing Carnets since 1972.

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Client Testimonials

“The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has given us the flexibility to enter countries effortlessly, has allowed us to save money over the years, and ultimately has allowed Cirque du Soleil to keep putting smiles on audiences faces around the world.”

Tracy Luk – Specialist Compliance and Custom Touring Show Division
Cirque du Soleil Inc.

“The ATA Carnet is a very useful tool in facilitating customs clearance of our clients’ shipments both in Canada and abroad. In addition, it has also enabled Livingston International to generate more business because a lot of our clients that ask us to prepare ATA carnets on their behalf request that we handle their shipments as well.”

John Panousakis – Global Forwarding Air Freight Manager
Livingston International Inc.

“The ATA Carnet system has proven to be an essential tool for facilitating the smooth and timely import and export of equipment needed for customer demonstrations.The staff at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce are first rate and should be commended for their professionalism and customer support.”

John Carson – Marketing Director
Med-Eng Holdings ULC

The Resurgence of International Trade Shows: Showcase Your Products with an ATA Carnet

As in-person events and international travel are slowly resuming, the pre-COVID opportunities for Canadian businesses to showcase their products around the world are starting to regain momentum.

The benefits of international trade shows don’t just apply to exhibitors and attendees, but also facilitate foreign relationships and trade and help spur economic growth. Additionally, obtaining an ATA Carnet through the Canadian Chamber of Commerce streamlines all your business’s temporary importing and exporting needs.

How the ATA Carnet Benefits the Manufacturing Industry

Canada’s manufacturing industry plays an essential role in its economic growth. One of the many factors that enable this industry to thrive is trade. International markets are great opportunities for growth for Canadian manufacturers. The ATA Carnet can help Canadian manufacturers enter foreign markets by making it easier for them to travel with their professional equipment, commercial samples and goods for use at trade shows and exhibits.

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