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Q How can Canadian Chamber membership help my business succeed?

We help build the businesses that support our families, our communities and our country. We do this by influencing government policies, by providing the services your business needs and by connecting you to information you can use, to opportunities for growth and to a network of local chambers, businesses, decision-makers and peers from across the county, in every sector of the economy and at all levels of government, as well as internationally.

Q Who are the Canadian Chamber’s members?

Please view our directories to see which businesses, associations and chambers are members?

Q I’m a member of a local/regional/provincial/territorial chamber, does that mean I’m also a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce?

Membership with the Canadian Chamber is separate from membership with a local, regional or provincial/territorial chamber. However, we do mobilize our chamber network to help us communicate the needs of business to the various levels of government. Our member chambers can also offer our services to their members. If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact us.

Q Where can I find more information about the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan?

Please note that while the names are similar, this is not a program of ours. The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan is managed by the Johnston Group. You can learn more by visiting the Chambers Plan website. Learn more about our Programs & Services, which includes various insurance programs.

Q How can I get more information about the ATA Carnet program?

For more information about our ATA Carnet program, please visit our Carnet webpage.

Q I need to have a document certified. How do I proceed?

For more information about the Document Certification services we provide, please visit our Document Certification webpage.

Q How do I advertise with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce?

Please see our Advertising Opportunities to learn how we can promote your products or services.

Q What’s the difference between the Canadian Chamber and ICC Canada?

As Canada’s National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, we operate as ICC Canada. As ICC Canada, we provide a platform for Canadian businesses to become involved in the ICC’s policy commissions and the work of its Knowledge Solutions Department, which is responsible for the ICC’s policy and rule-making activities. Learn more about ICC Canada.

We also promote ICC Arbitration and operate the ICC Canada Arbitration Committee. Learn more about our ICC Canada Arbitration Committee.

Q How do I initiate an arbitration?

We promote ICC Arbitration. To begin an ICC Arbitration, you need to submit a “Request for Arbitration” with the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration at any of its offices in Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore or Abu Dhabi. In order to maintain flexibility, the ICC does not require “Requests” to be in any particular form. The ICC Rules of Arbitration do, however, contain certain requirements for “Requests” as set out in Article 4. It is important to note that the “Request” must be accompanied by a non-refundable advance payment of US$5,000. This will cover the necessary administrative costs and the required number of copies of the “Request.” Click here for more information on how to file a “Request for Arbitration.” Click here if you are in need of legal counsel.

Q Is the Canadian Chamber a government department?

We are a business association that, along with our network of local, regional, provincial and territorial chambers of commerce, communicates the needs of business to government at all levels to influence policies, regulations and decisions that are critical to creating a favourable environment where businesses can succeed and our families, communities and country can flourish.

Q Can the Canadian Chamber provide me with tourism information?

Please visit the Government of Canada’s Travel and Tourism website or Destination Canada’s website for more information about travel within Canada. You may also want to reach out to the local chamber of commerce in the area in which you plan to travel for more information about local tourism activities.

Q Do I contact the Canadian Chamber if I want to file a complaint against a business?

Please contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint against a business. The BBB handles disputes that relate to marketplace issues experienced with the services or products a business provides.

Q I’m moving to Canada. Can the Canadian Chamber help me find a job?

Please visit the Government of Canada’s Work in Canada website for more information about working in Canada.

Q Where can I find a list of federally registered companies in Canada?

You can find a list of federally registered companies on Corporations Canada’s website.

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