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Our Board of Directors is governing body between annual or special meetings of our membership. It is mandated to conduct the business of the Canadian Chamber and to oversee our financial transactions (standard fiduciary responsibility). The Board of Directors is also responsible for the implementation, interpretation and promotion of policies approved by our membership.


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In accordance with our bylaws, each year, our Nominating and Governance Committee prepares a slate of the names of its nominees for the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Treasurer and the appropriate number of other directors whose terms of office will cease as of our AGM. As outlined in our Corporate Governance Manual, the slate of nominees must conform to our selection policies and must consider the regional, cultural, gender and linguistic balance of the Board.



Hon. Perrin Beatty, PC, OC
President & Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Chamber of Commerce


Candace Laing
Executive Leader & Chartered Human Resources Professional

Vice Chair

Brian Humphreys
Senior Management
Canadian Upstream and Downstream Energy Sectors



Victor Pang
Chief Financial Officer
Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

Immediate Past Chair

Karl Tabbakh
Regional Managing Partner, Quebec Region
McCarthy Tétrault

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