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Housing and Development Strategy Council

Housing and Development Strategy Council

To create a stable housing market that meets present and future needs, we require a strategy that engages business and government in the shared pursuit of affordable homes for all Canadians. Our economic future depends on it.

The Council

In the interest of housing availability and affordability for all Canadians, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Housing and Development Strategy Council convenes a diverse array of industry stakeholders to engage with key federal decision makers and shape policy on supply, demand, labour, and coordination across municipal, provincial, territorial and federal governments.

The Council is uniquely positioned to address industry challenges, spanning standards, regulations, energy systems, materials, supply chains, and the labour market, and to propose practical solutions that will ensure federal housing and development policies are reflective of industry realities, while also meeting ambitious targets for attracting top talent and growing our economy.

Members of the Council play an integral role in determining whether we have an economy that is both attractive for workers and investors and resilient enough to build a low-carbon future.


Adria Minsky
Mattamy Homes

Curtis Neeser

For more information on the Housing and Development Council, please contact Pascal Chan, Senior Director, Transportation, Infrastructure and Construction.


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