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Chief Financial Officers Council

Chief Financial Officers Council

In today’s competitive global market, the role of the Chief Financial Officer has arguably become one of the most challenging — and most critical — positions within the C-suite.

The Council

As the top financial manager in a firm, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) traditionally oversees cash flows, accounting and taxation, and interactions with capital markets. However, CFOs also provide critical insights to the executive leadership team and the board of directors on strategic planning, enterprise risk, digital transformation, and data analytics. Therefore, CFOs’ assessments of barriers to enterprise-wide growth are backed by unparalleled real-world experience.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Chief Financial Officers Council (CFOC) convenes a network of peers from diverse industries across Canada to engage in advocacy, knowledge sharing and constructive dialogue on best practices.

The CFOC is focused on addressing obstacles to economic growth through evidence-based advocacy, capitalizing on the collective experience of its members.