Campaigns & Councils

Fuelled by our network of 450 chambers of commerce, representing over 200,000 businesses, these grassroots movements drive change.

E-Commerce and Digital Trade Strategy Council

Building for the Future of Business

The future of business in Canada and around the world is digital. Even traditional, in-person commerce routinely depends on digital infrastructure, is subject to digital privacy legislation, and networks that cross international boundaries. In short, e-commerce and digital trade is ubiquitous.

Western Executive Council

A strong Western Canada is critical to a strong Canada.

We must act now to set up both the region and the country for a successful future. It will take a strategy that both responds to the needs of Western Canada and builds on the strengths that the region brings to our country.

The Food Supply Council

From our farms to your homes.

The link between agriculture and keeping Canadians fed is something we’re all a part of. Whether we think of it each time we have a meal, or not, doesn’t change the work and care that has gone into it.

Cyber. Right. Now.

Leading the Global Cybersecurity Future

In an increasingly interconnected and digital world, accelerated by the pandemic, cybersecurity is an ever more vital topic for Canadians, government, and businesses alike. 

Inclusive Growth: A Canada for all Canadians

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to foster business competitiveness and a strong economic environment that benefits all Canadians.

Net-Zero Council

As Canada and Canadians move towards a greener, more sustainable, net-zero future, the business community is leading the way.

The Critical Minerals Council

Critical minerals are essential materials that enable the production of consumer products, defence and industrial applications, and our ability to transition to a low carbon economy.

The Life Sciences Strategy Council

The pandemic exposed the fragility of our healthcare systems and demonstrated the central role that the life sciences sector plays in our health and economic well-being.

Think Growth: Harnessing Canada’s Tax System for Inclusive Recovery and Growth

The extraordinary economic damage of COVID-19 will require new and bold responses to help Canada recover. We are conducting an independent tax review to help identify what needs to happen to grow our economy out of this crisis and generate the revenue needed to pay for pandemic spending. Reconceiving our tax system to rebuild our economy will be critical to Canada’s ability to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

What It Takes to Grow

Priorities for Canada’s Parliament