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How Petro-Canada is “Building for the Future” 

How Petro-Canada is “Building for the Future” 

This blog was provided by our partners at Suncor.

This blog was provided by our partners at Suncor.

Don’t be surprised if you pull into your local Petro-Canada station only to see a “Building for the future” sign posted, more commonly known as “Closed for renovations.” 

“The Petro-Canada station where I often stop is being re-built from the ground up,” notes Colleen Gray, an executive assistant at Suncor who frequents a station on Macleod Trail, a busy route in Calgary. “I’m excited to see the changes.” 

Just like popular renovation shows where homeowners make changes to maximize their home’s space and add functionality, many Petro-Canada retail stations are undergoing similar makeovers to offer more value to customers. 

The majority of Suncor-owned Petro-Canada stations across Canada will be transformed over the next few years to serve our customers better,” explains Murray Osbaldeston, Director of Asset Management for Petro-Canada. “This is the fastest and largest scope of site transformations for Petro-Canada ever.” 

Some sites will be re-built entirely to add a quick service restaurant, car wash, convenience store or all three, which is what’s known as “a full offer” site. Other sites will undergo smaller, but important enhancements such as updating an existing quick service restaurant, the gas bar (pumps) or canopy (the cover above the pumps). To ensure we have the most efficient and resilient sites for the future, some sites will be closed where the location or size of the site prevent us from adding valuable services and amenities customers want. 

“We’ve learned that our customers appreciate a site with a ‘full offer’,” says Shannon Wing, GM of Retail Sales & Operations for Petro-Canada. “They can fill or charge up, grab a bite to eat, get a car wash and pop into a convenience store all in one stop.” 

Transforming our physical sites is one of many ways we’re improving the Petro-Canada network. Other recent examples include opening retail fuel stations in Newfoundland and Labrador with an operating partner, and entering into a long-term partnership with Canadian Tire that will provide millions of Canadians with more value through our respective loyalty programs and make Suncor the primary fuel supplier to Canadian Tire’s Gas+ sites over time. 

“It’s an exciting time for Petro-Canada,” adds Shannon. “We’re being thoughtful about when and where to temporarily close sites for renovations to minimize disruption to our customers and manage our costs carefully. Thanks for your patience if your local Petro-Canada is undergoing these changes — I promise it will be worth the wait.” 

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