Apr 26, 2022

What is the Difference Between Upskilling, Reskilling, and Micro-credentialing?

If you’re looking to advance your skills in your career but are feeling a little confused about the difference between popular course phrases like ‘micro-credentialing’ and ‘rapid reskilling’ and wondering what will help you more, you’re not alone! These terms all sound quite similar and have intertwining meanings, but each serve their unique purpose. This blog will break down the key differences between the common skill boosters: upskilling, reskilling, and micro-credentialing, and when they are most valuable.


Upskilling typically refers to taking a particular skill set or job role and enhancing it! Upskilling is most common for pre-existing positions and or full teams at a given company and often leads to promotions within the same field of work. The purpose of upskilling is not to necessarily change one’s skills or approach, but to improve upon them to meet new industry or company standards. Upskilling is great when done with a full team, as it can boost team morale and help individual employees feel supported in their growth. A great opportunity for upskilling a team would be a marketing department in need to get more focused on digital marketing tools. Our corporate team trainingis an awesome tool for marketing teams looking to enhance their digital skills.


Reskilling and upskilling may sound similar but have some very key differences. Reskilling is the process of gaining new or different skills to shift your current job role. This could mean reskilling for your marketing role, to be specified in digital marketing such as SEO. Reskilling, similar to upskilling, is a great way to advance at your current company or into other professional roles as you grow in your career. As all industries, not just digital marketing, are constantly evolving, reskilling is a great, quick way to stay on top of changes and remain flexible within the job market.


Now, how exactly do you re-skill or upskill? One of the best waysto do so is with micro-credentialing -typically very rapid, and short courses that help enhance a particular skill set. Think of reskilling and upskilling as the “what” and micro-credentialing as the “how”. Micro credentials are efficient ways to get expertise in a particular topic that is recognized within your industry.

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