Apr 08, 2019

The Volunteer Factor: Contributing to a Better Canada

With over 12.7 million volunteers in Canada, we want to celebrate and recognize the contributions of volunteers this National Volunteer Week, who are an important part of the fabric of Canada

Choosing to help others can often to lead to a positive impact for all who are involved, including yourself, here are just a few reasons why:

Improving your well-being: Volunteering gives the individual a sense of purpose. Helping someone in need or serving your community can offer direction, meaning, fulfillment and can reduce stress in your life.

Professional development: 63% of Canadian volunteers feel that getting involved has improved their interpersonal skills, in addition to improving their communication and organizational skills. This has a tremendous value, as these skills are transferable in your professional life.

Contributing to your community: The economic value of volunteering in Canada is $50 billion each year, according to TD Economics. When volunteers donate their time, communities save money and resources, which can then be applied to other services for the less fortunate.

Making connections: Volunteering is an opportunity to expand your network, learn about organizations and meet liked-minded people who support the same cause.

Our Board of Directors agree with the immeasurable value of volunteering. “Not only do I have the opportunity to contribute to the work of our Chamber network across Canada and have direct input into areas that will contribute to our constant growth and improvement of services for our members and our business community, but it also provides me the ability to connect and share ideas with individuals across the country that I may never have had the opportunity to meet if it were not for my involvement,”  said Lisa Kowalchuk, Canadian Chamber Board of Director and Executive Director of the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce.

Not only is the Canadian Chamber fortunate, but our nation is as well, to have such great Canadians who are dedicated to making a more prosperous environment to live, work and play for all.

To follow this year’s National Volunteer Week activities, search #NVW2019 on your social media platforms.

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