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Thank a Truck Driver This Holiday Season

Thank a Truck Driver This Holiday Season

This featured blog post was provided by Mitch Helten, CEO, SPI Logistics. As you and your loved ones are relaxing...

This featured blog post was provided by Mitch Helten, CEO, SPI Logistics.

As you and your loved ones are relaxing and enjoying some much-deserved time off this upcoming holiday season, please remember that there are few industries, like trucking, that never take a break. It is important to acknowledge the men and women working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that you can celebrate to the fullest whatever it is you respectfully celebrate.

It is often overlooked that literally everything that makes the holiday season special, was at some point transported on a truck. Without the freight and logistics industry there would be no presents under the tree, no lights on people’s homes, and no food on the holiday dinner table. It is not that far-fetched to say that Santa didn’t deliver your Christmas presents, a truck driver did. So, as you’re tearing open that beautifully wrapped present this year, take a moment to remember how the gift got to you. Whether it’s electronics, toys, clothes, or jewelry, it was delivered by a truck driver from a not-so-near location.

The last few years have been hard on the global supply chain and transportation industry. The truth is, before the COVID-19 pandemic, many people took the supply chain for granted. In fact, many people didn’t think of the logistics industry much at all. The New York Times even confessed to not having a logistics newsbeat before the pandemic. Today, manufacturers, warehouses, transportation providers, distribution centers, and retailers are all topics of mainstream media. Now, incorporate global weather events, the war in Ukraine, and other unfortunate incidents around the world, and you begin to understand how the global supply chain has been pushed to it’s limits as of late.

At SPI Logistics, we have long understood the importance of receiving a shipment on time. For over 40 years we have worked tirelessly with our North American network of over 64 Agency offices and 60,000+ Carriers to provide the highest level of service possible. We have invested in industry leading technology that allows for our Agents, Carriers and Shippers to interact seamlessly and track loads. However, it is important to realize that at the end of the day you can have all the technology in the world, but if you don’t respect and value your Carrier partners and the people who do the work, the truck drivers, you are in the wrong industry. Trucks don’t drive themselves.

So, this holiday season be sure to thank a truck driver.  Many truck drivers don’t get the opportunity to spend the holidays at home with their families. It’s just one of the many sacrifices these selfless hard-working men and women make to keep our economy going, so keep them in mind and appreciate them this holiday season.

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