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Natural Resources, Environment & Energy

Natural Resources, Environment & Energy

Canada’s resource sector can play a key role in reducing global emissions. Achieving this untapped potential requires a strategic focus, continued policy refinement and access to world markets.

Our Position

Our resource sector is one of our nation’s greatest strengths and has been a key driver of economic and social development, but significant policy initiatives are necessary to realize its potential in the 21st-century. We must:

  • Advocate for regulatory reform to ensure we can build the infrastructure to get our resources to world markets.
  • Develop policy recommendations to ensure the decarbonization of our energy grids is a catalyst for further economic growth and development.
  • Create the policy environment to allow our resource sector to modernize its operations and infrastructure while creating opportunities for a 21st-century labour force.
  • Provide Canadian business with the opportunity to take a leadership position on climate policy and meet our NDC targets with emission reduction pathways that are market-driven, flexible and at the lowest possible cost for businesses and Canadians.

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