Oct 20, 2019

Small Business Week: Celebrating the Heart of our Economy

With over 1.2 million small businesses in Canada, we are proud to help celebrate the role they play in our economy.

Small Business Week begins today and we are running our #iheartsmallbiz campaign on social media to recognize some of the extraordinary small businesses that are making a big impact in communities across Canada and in the everyday lives of their customers. We encourage you to share a photo of your small business or one that you admire using #iheartsmallbiz on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

So why are SMEs so important to Canada’s economy? Find out below from some of our members!

“If you want to see true creativity and innovation, ask an SME to solve a problem. SMEs in Canada are the ones taking risks, pushing boundaries, developing new and disrupting all industries. We are not afraid of tech, we are not afraid of change and we embrace it all to create the advantages we need to compete – and win,” said Matthew Strentse, Co-founder and COO of Iversoft.

“If you want to know why SMEs are important, look to your left or your right.  If it is not you, then one of the two people on either side of you are employed by an SME in Canada. It is important for a healthy and stable Canada to make sure SMEs thrive in Canada and in the global marketplace,” said David Downey, CEO of ArcoInfo Inc.

“SMEs matter to Canada as we are the primary employers. SMEs and their employees pay more income tax than all large corporations combined. SMEs are the incubators for innovation and are critical to keeping IP in Canada,” said Murray Rowe Jr., President of Forrest Green Group of Companies.

“Local small businesses, such as our full service law firm in Langley, British Columbia, are the engine that drives our economy. We employ over 60 lawyers and staff who work, pay tax, live, shop, learn, play, volunteer, donate and invest in our community,” said Scott T. Johnston, Partner at Campbell Burton and McMullan LLP.

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