Sep 21, 2020

Small Business Relief Fund helps Mohawk College Enterprise help others

MCE was incorporated as the sole provider of corporate training on behalf of Mohawk College in 2010. Since that time, MCE has made significant contributions to corporate professionals in Ontario, specifically in leadership, technology and health and community services.  

“MCE has encountered unforeseeable challenges due to COVID-19. Once COVID-19 hit, our revenue decreased substantially. Given the situation, we had to eliminate five positions from a staff of 12 and go to a four-day workweek” says MCE President and CEO Audie McCarthy.

Like all other higher education institutions in Canada, MCE moved to provide their services online. The CBRN Small Business Relief Fund was instrumental in those efforts.

“Because of the generosity of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Salesforce, we are going to take our virtual learning one-step further. We want to give back. With the funding, we have developed complimentary learning tools for the public in the form of Micro-eLearning,” says Audie.

What is Micro-eLearning?

Micro-eLearning is a training model that breaks down online learning into smaller chunks that are accessible to the learner at anytime based on their needs. Micro-eLearning deals with relatively small learning units, sometimes only five minutes of content.

Mohawk College Enterprise has made available three free micro-eLearning courses:

  1. The Art of Online Learning Part 1: Visual Makeover
  2. The Art of Online Learning Part 2: LCM
  3. Art of Online Learning Part 3: BGT

“We’re confident that our future is secure thanks in part to the Canadian Chamber, Salesforce and all of our partners across Ontario. Through the CBRN Small Business Relief Fund we have not only been able to help our own clients, but also give back to the community though our free micro-eLearning courses”.

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