Media Releases Jan 25, 2022

Canadian Chamber of Commerce rebrands amid corporate transformation and expansion

(OTTAWA) – January 25, 2022 – More than 200,000 businesses in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s network woke up to a new look from Canada’s leading business association. The brand refresh is more than skin deep. The Canadian Chamber’s new logo signals a significant transformation inside the organization.

“Canadians today live in an era of dramatic change that offers both challenges and opportunities unprecedented in our history. Every organization, from governments to voluntary organizations and businesses, must adapt to this new reality. For Canada’s businesses, this means procuring new tools to navigate a landscape where the technology and competition change daily. They need a champion whose clear purpose is to drive Canadian business success, and that champion is the Canadian Chamber of Commerce,” said Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

The Canadian Chamber’s new brand reflects an exciting period of transformation and expansion to meet the changing needs of its members. Its transformation will take the organization from being the voice of Canadian business as a federal lobby organization to also becoming the undisputed champion and catalyst for the future of business success, with new divisions and offerings to serve businesses of all sizes and sectors across the Canadian Chamber Network, including:

  • Best-in-class data and insights.
  • Tailor made solutions for SMEs, including training and consulting services.
  • Enhanced membership benefits.
  • Expanded B2B networking opportunities.
  • International growth boosters.

“Our goal is not to duplicate what others are doing, but to occupy a unique space and make a contribution that others cannot. We will focus on areas where we can be best-in-class and leave others to do what they can do better than we can,” added Beatty.

The Canadian Chamber’s corporate strategy focuses on enhancing its distinctive strengths:

  • The breadth and local-rootedness of its unique Canadian Chamber Network.
  • The strength of a brand that is known for quality and integrity.
  • Its unique power to convene — to build coalitions and to bring a wide range of interests to the table to work together.
  • Its reputation for advocacy that is thorough, non-partisan, responsible and grounded in fact.
  • Its ability to represent Canadian business as a whole — every size, every sector, every region. No other business organization in Canada occupies that space.

Through its Chamber 2025 Strategic Plan, the Canadian Chamber will give each of its members more of what they need to succeed:

  • Insight into markets, competitors and trends.
  • Influence over the decisions and policies that drive business success.
  • Impact on business and economic performance.

“Our Chamber 2025 Strategic Plan will build on the momentum created by businesses requiring additional support during the pandemic and will help us play an even greater role in shaping the future of Canadian business. It stems from a transformational mandate from our Board of Directors in October 2020 to create a reimagined and renewed Canadian Chamber. We will be launching a number of exciting initiatives in the coming weeks and months as part of this new strategy,” said Beatty.


About the Canadian Chamber of Commerce – The Future of Business Success

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is Canada’s largest and most activated business network — representing 450 chambers of commerce and boards of trade and more than 200,000 businesses of all sizes, from all sectors of the economy and from every part of the country — to create the conditions for our collective success. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the undisputed champion and catalyst for the future of business success. From working with government on economy-friendly policy to providing services that inform commerce and enable trade, we give each of our members more of what they need to succeed: insight into markets, competitors and trends, influence over the decisions and policies that drive business success and impact on business and economic performance. 

About the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s new logo

The Canadian Chamber’s new logo was created using strong, clear geometric shapes, with three half circles representative of the three initial Cs from the organization’s name. The three Cs are also a visual reference to the important Canadian Chamber Network voices at the table: federal, provincial and municipal. The Cs have been arranged facing outward to form an external frame and locked together inward to represent unity. The outward facing position of the Cs promotes the outreach, strength and collaboration of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The Canadian Chamber’s logo was designed by the team at Hambly & Woolley.