Media Releases Mar 17, 2022

As global energy security misfires, Canadian Chamber joins with U.S. chambers to make legal intervention in Line 5 court case

(OTTAWA) – March 17, 2022 – The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Senior Vice President, Policy and Government Relations, Mark Agnew, issued the following statement on a brief filed jointly with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and four state-level chambers in the Line 5 case.

“At a time of geopolitical uncertainty, energy security has taken on a renewed importance. Given the current disruptions to energy supplies and rapid increases in prices at the pump, we need to be firing on all cylinders to provide consumers with safe and reliable access to a menu of energy sources.

Due to our geographic realities and supply chain integration, Canada’s path to energy security involves cooperation with the United States. An important part of our energy security is the operation of Line 5.

Unfortunately, officials of the state of Michigan have taken extraordinary measures to evade federal law by simultaneously withdrawing a court case to enforce their shutdown order, but then leaving the shutdown order in place. With clear federal and international issues at play, a U.S. federal court has already said these questions should be resolved by the federal courts. Companies must have a means to challenge a state government order that they think is illegal under U.S. federal law.  It is time for the federal court to resolve the question of the legality of the Governor’s shutdown order. 

A shutdown of Line 5 would have immense negative consequences for Canada and the U.S. by leading to higher energy prices, supply interruptions and seeing more products shipped by truck. Additionally, as the brief explains, the actions of the Michigan government inject uncertainty into Enbridge’s work to build the tunnel that will further enhance the operation and safety of Line 5. 

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce believes this court case to be a litmus test for energy security in North America, with the outcome having significant impact upon the consumers on both sides of the border. Reliable access to energy products are needed to create predictable market and political conditions that support our transition to net zero in the years to come, and that’s why the Line 5 court case is so important.”

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