Jun 25, 2019

Navigating Distressed Markets: Canada’s slowing economy and sectoral disruption

In the wake of an economic downturn, are you prepared for the challenges and potential opportunities it may bring?

Obstacles are surfacing that will fundamentally change the industrial leaderboard. Rapid technological advancements, international trade disputes, shifts in consumer buying habits and a revolution in the global energy markets indicate that the next economic slow-down will be different from the last. This impact will be felt unevenly by Canada’s various industries and by different groups of stakeholders within them.

In a world characterized by transformative structural disruptions, some companies may struggle to emerge unscathed, while others may thrive. This will depend, not only on the industry they operate in, but also on their relative position within that industry and their appetite for investment. The resource and retail sectors are just two of the main industries that are facing a high likelihood of disruption, according to a recent report from Deloitte Canada’s M&A Institute

The report highlights the most crucial issues Canadian companies might face and explores how to prepare for potential market share through organic means and embrace opportunities during economic uncertainty and sectoral disruption.

To learn about tactics that Canadian businesses will need to develop to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure resilience, read Deloitte Canada’s full report, Navigating distressed markets: How Canadian companies can navigate new realities.

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