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Insects Take Flight with ATA Carnet

Insects Take Flight with ATA Carnet

Written by Kevin Tam, Export Representative, Canadian Chamber of Commerce Welcome to the enchanting world of insect sculptures, where an...

Written by Kevin Tam, Export Representative, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to the enchanting world of insect sculptures, where an extraordinary artist works his magic, breathing life into intricate creations.

So, what does an insect sculptor have to do with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce?  Sean Goddard, a celebrated Canadian sculptor renowned for his exquisite insect artworks, is a regular ATA Carnet user and has navigated the intricacies of customs effortlessly allowing him to exhibit his creations worldwide.

Together, lets explore how creativity has no borders and delve into the intriguing interplay between artistry and international logistics.

Who Is Sean Goddard?

Originally from Mississauga Ontario, Sean Goddard began glasswork while living in Whistler in the 1990’s. What started as a hobby has developed into a small business and now his work is showcased in local galleries and premiere events throughout the Pacific Northwest. Currently, his sculptures are created on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.

Carnet for Creativity

Customs agents treat art just like any imported commodity, meaning their creations must clear customs when entering a foreign country, even if the items will eventually return to Canada. Because of this, artists like Sean face import taxes which can be expensive and complicated to navigate.

            The carnet has been an incredible tool for my business. After years of commercial crossing with customs invoices and other forms, the ATA carnet has simplified my trips out of Canada. As an artist, showing samples of my work and keeping my work on my display walls for an entire trip abroad has allowed me to connect with more potential clients. After two years, the results have my work in demand in ways I have not experienced.

– Sean Goddard
Figure 1 Sculptures created by Sean Goddard

Digging Into Sean’s Artistic Travels

Sean’s fascination for insects started when his friend gifted him a beetle book called, “An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles.” Sean hadn’t dabbled much in insect-themed art before, but the book inspired him to create his first beetle. It was very crude compared to his current sculptures, but someone took a liking in his creation. The positive reception encouraged Sean to deepen his interest in the subject. The medium of glass and metal became the perfect canvas for capturing the intricate details and delicate features of insects, leading the artist on a journey of exploration and artistic growth.

Reflecting on his artistic journey, Sean expresses a sense of gratitude, “the artistic journey when it’s your livelihood is very similar to the commitment one needs to put into any business big or small to have success. I am grateful for the support of my patrons and though I work long hours, I get to make things!”

Sean’s journey serves as a testament to the incredible opportunities that arise when artists embrace the global stage and equip themselves with the necessary tools. Sean’s capacity to share his intricate insect sculptures with a worldwide audience was greatly enhanced by the seamless customs processes facilitated by the ATA Carnet. What might have been a convoluted maze of paperwork transformed into a hassle-free journey.

ATA Carnets can be applied to a wide array of goods, including various forms of art such as sculptures, mixed-media pieces, drawings, paintings, prints, installations, and performance art.

This invaluable document opens doors to sales, expansion, and greater exposure for your merchandise. It remains valid for one year, allowing for multiple destinations and transactions, while also providing the advantage of duty- and tax-free imports. The significant cost savings and simplified customs clearance processes are two of the primary benefits that assist you in achieving your artistic ambitions on the international stage.

To check out more of Sean’s work visit his website

To make your next business trip seamless, get  your ATA Carnet here:

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