Nov 09, 2021

How the Minister of Public Safety can help Canadian businesses thrive

After over a year-and-a-half of lockdowns and sacrifice, Canadians are seeing the benefits of their efforts to stop COVID-19. The pandemic is not over, but we can now look beyond COVID to plan for our future. Now, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is writing “mandate letters” to members of the Cabinet with policy priorities that will support growth of the Canadian economy.

Canadian businesses thrive when our country has predictable and consistent enforcement of regulations that protect national and economic security. Public Safety Canada plays a significant role in this in its national security function, overseeing the Canada Border Services Agency, and combatting criminal activities.

The Minister of Public Safety should:

  • Delay the implementation of the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management program and work with industry to set a revised deployment date, including a staggered approach, to ensure a smooth implementation.
  • Undertake a review of CBSA commercial programs to ensure Canadian competitiveness is being maintained. 
  • Work with the cannabis industry, financial institutions, and FINTRAC to combat the illicit cannabis sector.
  • Increase cybersecurity investments to safeguard our critical infrastructure, communities and businesses. This should include efforts to secure the software supply chain of critical infrastructure operators and owners.  

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