Jan 22, 2019

Data Fast Forward: A Prescription for Innovation, Balance and Trust

Data is now the engine of economic growth and prosperity. Countries that promote data’s availability and use for societal good and economic development will lead the fourth industrial revolution and give their citizens a better quality of life.

To seize this opportunity, people and businesses need to be able to share their data with one another. However, Canada must not cloud opportunity with an overactive regulatory imagination in order to remain competitive in this global digital economy. The right framework for Canada’s data economy is one that creates trust and enables innovation. In this new world, we cannot ignore the role companies that have not even yet been created will play as both innovators and wealth creators. [AF1] 

In this final edition of our three-part series, we lay out a prescription for keeping the innovation door open and recognize the need to rebuild trust in the online environment.

Click here to read the full report.

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