Apr 17, 2019

Cultivating Competitiveness: Turning Agri-food Regulatory Reform Promises into Action

Providing employment for 246,000 Canadians Food and beverage processing is the largest manufacturing industry in the country.  As a result, Canada is the 5th largest agricultural commodity exporter and 11th largest exporter for manufactured food products in the world.  Seems good, doesn’t it?  Maybe, but on closer inspection it is not that easy to digest.   

In this recent report from our Regulate Smarter series, we outline how the success of Canadian farmers and food manufacturers is connected to the performance of the regulatory systems that govern their activities. We take a close look at the major inconsistencies and outline what the government needs to do now to deliver on immediately. 

Click here to read the full report.

To learn more on how Canada’s regulatory system is a mix of complex, overlapping rules from all levels of government that has created a costly and uncertain environment to run a business, visit

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