Jun 21, 2022

Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

A woman performing an Indigenous Fancy Shawl Dance in a field alongside the river in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

June 21 marks National Indigenous Peoples Day – a day for all Canadians to recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First NationsInuit and Métis peoples.

Here at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, we strive every day to be an inclusive champion and partner for all Canadian businesses. We know that Indigenous people are crucial to a thriving Canadian society and economy, and we celebrate the many contributions of Indigenous-led businesses to communities across the country and to Canada’s economic growth.

Today and everyday, we encourage everyone to support the Indigenous economy and businesses as we work towards a more inclusive nation that celebrates and actively supports Indigenous communities.

So what does that look like? Here are some reflections from our Canadian Chamber community:

“Canadian business can support Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs by including them in their business, contractor and supply-chain networks and promoting them within their industry partners and relationships. Building strong relationships and trust with Indigenous business is developed over time with concrete actions that demonstrate the willingness to establish those strong business relationships. The results can be long lasting and beneficial for your business and staff, Indigenous businesses and communities and will contribute to strengthen the Canadian economy.  We are Canada’s hidden asset waiting for the opportunities to contribute to business and the long-term well-being of all Canadians.”

Brenda LaRose
Founder, BL Talent Solutions
Board Member, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

“The Canadian business community must recognize the dynamism of Indigenous communities and support the talent that lies within them. That can be done in various ways, including providing access to capital, improving supplier diversity and forming mutually beneficial and equitable partnerships with communities from coast to coast to coast.”

George Wamala
Director, Regulatory and Government Affairs, RBC
Co-Chair, BIPOC Leadership and Inclusion Council, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

“For Canada’s business community, ensuring that Indigenous Canadians can participate fully in our economy is both a responsibility and an opportunity. We need to break down barriers and unlock the enormous potential that exists. We can use tools like procuring from Indigenous companies, creating new partnerships with Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs and investing in training programs to meet our skills needs. There are plenty of ways in which we can make a difference. The most important thing is to start now.”

Perrin Beatty
President & CEO
Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Want to learn more about our work supporting Indigenous businesses and communities? Keep an eye on the work of our Indigenous Affairs Policy Committee.

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