Sep 16, 2021

Canada’s Political Parties on What It Takes to Grow

In anticipation of the federal election, we launched our What It Takes to Grow: Priorities for Canada’s Next Parliament platform last month to outline the key priorities our members need to see from the parties to grow our economy.

As the engines of job creation in communities across the country, businesses play a foundational role in delivering economic growth, although it is up to governments to create the conditions that enable growth to occur. This includes through tax and regulatory policy, trade agreements, building infrastructure and enabling a viable pathway to reducing emissions, among many other things.

To know where the political parties stand, we asked the five main parties a simple question:

How will your party support businesses as the engine for growth to move our country from recovery to strong and sustained economic growth?

These are the responses we received:

Bloc Québécois
(EN | FR)

Liberal Party of Canada
(EN | FR )

Conservative Party of Canada
(EN | FR)

New Democratic Party of Canada
(EN | FR)

For more information on our What It Takes to Grow platform, click here.

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