Aug 08, 2019

Canada’s Cannabis Opportunity: Let’s Think Bigger

It has been nearly ten months since Canada became the second country and first large developed economy in the world to legalize recreational cannabis for adult use. This bold economic experiment is generating new jobs and economic opportunity as thousands of Canadians have flocked to work in this bourgeoning industry. Unlike other new industries that often generate localized growth in specific regions or large cities, the cannabis industry is proving far more expansive, providing new opportunities across the entire country including in many smaller and rural communities.

With our head start, Canada has the potential to be a world leader in the nascent global cannabis industry as other countries liberalize their medical and recreational markets.  However, taking advantage of this unprecedented opportunity means we cannot rest on our laurels about being the first, it means we must continue to learn from our experience and adapt.

So where do the rules still need defining? Find out in our latest 5 Minutes for Business!

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