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The Future of Artificial Intelligence Council

The Future of Artificial Intelligence Council

To benefit from the transformative and economic potential of AI, we need a strategy that enables the widespread, responsible adoption of AI by Canadian businesses.

The Council

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and its members on the Future of Artificial Intelligence Council are focused on proactively guiding federal AI policy in an era of heightened government scrutiny and regulation. The Council plays a leading role in advocating for policies that will establish AI as a positive economic force through the responsible development, deployment and use of AI in business.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence Council is an action-oriented, dynamic forum committed to working with government to encourage Canadian-led innovation and to integrate AI into business in a manner that will profoundly increase economic productivity and growth, thus benefiting the lives of Canadians across the country.

Leveraging the significant power of AI in our economy and society is a complex challenge. Since AI can present both opportunities and risks, there is curiosity and contention about what the future development and deployment will look like — especially regarding ethical implications. The Future of AI Council, made up of an inclusive cross-section of organizations operating in Canada, serves as a network and forum for businesses to collaborate and address this challenge together.


Yana Lukasheh
VP, Government Affairs, Canada
SAP Canada

Joanne Pitkin
Senior Manager, Digital Policy, Canada

For more information on the The Future of Artificial Intelligence Council, please contact Ulrike Bahr-Gedalia, Senior Director, Digital Economy, Technology & Innovation.


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