Oct 19, 2020

BRITT Resource uses Small Business Relief Fund Grant to rebrand and expand business

In June, as part of the Canadian Business Resilience Network campaign, we, with the generosity of Salesforce (NYSE:CRM), gave 62 small Canadian businesses from coast to coast to coast $10,000 Small Business Relief Fund grants to help recovery efforts during unprecedented times. Since then, grant recipients have been able to use the grant money to make changes that will help their business stay afloat amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is the story of BRITT Resource Ltd. from Calgary, Alberta.

BRITT Resource is an award-winning, second-generation family business that is female-owned and operated. BRITT specializes in land access and stakeholder engagement.

“We were incredibly excited to be a grant recipient,” said Kait Russell. “Although it has been a challenging five to six months, it has created this amazing amount of innovative ideas and creativity. We have been able to recognize opportunities we did not see before.”

With the help of the grant, BRITT Resource has been taking part in elevating its brand with the aim of expanding its clientele both industry-wise and geographically.

“It was something we had in mind pre-COVID to elevate our company,” shared Russell. “With the pandemic, it became even more of a necessity. With that comes a cost and with the grant, we are able to look at our website, marketing, logo and bring our company to the next level.”

BRITT Resource has a goal that by 2030, it will be globally recognized as a people-centric consulting firm specializing in human betterment projects. The Small Business Relief Fund grant will ultimately aid in reaching this goal.

“Our vision with doing a brand elevation and rebranding is a long term goal,” explained Russell. “We want to make sure that the work that we do is known across a variety of industries. Right now, we feel like we are known in a niche area, and what this will allow is for our services to be applied to a lot of different types of areas.”

BRITT works closely with Indigenous peoples and communities throughout western Canada. BRITT is committed to supporting the advancement of reconciliation for Indigenous peoples in Canada.

“Through our work, we seek to develop relationships with Indigenous communities built on trust, respect and mutual benefit,” said Russell. “We ensure each team member receives Indigenous awareness training to promote understanding and sensitivity to issues faced by Indigenous communities. We provide training and strategic advisory services to clients working with Indigenous communities; and we participate in Indigenous communities of practice.”

BRITT Resource aims to use local Canadian marketing and branding experts for all of its rebranding endeavours to channel money back into the local economy.

“The future of BRITT, we are quite excited about,” shared Russell. “We think that through elevating our brand, we will be able to diversify even further and grow both in our service offerings and geographically.”

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