Jun 26, 2019

Automation Not Domination: Building AI Policies That Win

As the third-largest concentration of Artificial Intelligence(AI) experts in the world, Canada has emerged as a leader in the global race to develop AI, but businesses have a lot on their plate keeping up with the rapid pace and complex developments in their industry. AI-enabled systems are increasingly prevalent across all sectors, which is whywe need to ensure our country’s business competitiveness with the proper policies that help businesses stay in the global AI race.

This is why we published three reports following our cross-country roundtable discussions that explore the range of policy options for investment, innovation, integration and workforce sustainability pertaining to AI.

The following reports represent themes discussed at our events:

AI and Inclusion

Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for AI

AI and the Workforce

“Canada currently enjoys a blossoming AI industry that is holding its own against global giants. The biggest risk they see ahead is an eroding business environment that puts them at a disadvantage against their competitors in other countries. Our reports capture the policies they need to protect Canadians’ interests and ensure Canada keeps its share of prosperity in an AI-enabled world,” said Scott Smith, our Senior Director of Intellectual Property and Innovation Policy.

Click here to learn about our exploration of public policy issues related to innovation.

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