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Are You Unsinkable?

Are You Unsinkable?

The number of challenges business leaders face is trending upwards.  Market instability and inflation are forcing them out of their comfort zone and into rough seas calling for help.

Expect the unexpected and manage uncertainty.

With slight exaggeration, we can illustrate the acrobatics needed from every player on the logistical chain. Climate change, the Ukraine conflict and the resulting financial stresses have weakened the connection between producers and consumers, which threatens the economy.

This precariousness raises concerns about the food supply chain even more acutely. In this regard, the pandemic served as a test. Ruptured inventories across all categories have forced us to review our priorities and practices.

Shortages in gaming consoles aren’t much of a concern, especially to parents of adolescents, but having to deal with a shortage in fruits and vegetables is a lot more serious. Throw in basic necessities that we have to import, and we have the raw materials of a crisis.

So, how to handle shortages is the question. If the answer were easy, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Delivering the Goods

The number of challenges business leaders face is trending upwards.  Market instability and inflation are forcing them out of their comfort zone and into rough seas calling for help.

Put simply: you need inventory to sell… And to get paid, you need to deliver!

This is where QSL comes in.

When we made “tailor-made success” our promise, we laid our cards on the table. Hiring us to develop solutions adapted to our customers’ reality to help them anticipate and manage the threats makes us a security net. When the initial solution nosedives, you need to be sure that Plan B will work.

By de-risking your business conduct, QSL contributes to making you unsinkable.

The Basic Plays

Never has operational excellence been as important in QSL’s history as it is now. Running one’s daily operations the way skilled athletes master their basic plays inspires confidence and allows you to accommodate greater responsibilities. You need to catch the first ball before juggling several.

And so, QSL has secured its practices and kept its dynamic forces at the top of their game. Occupational health and safety, environmental protection, organizational communication optimized from top to bottom, respect and listening are harbingers of good outcomes.

A team in full possession of its resources gives optimal performance and works in the best possible conditions.

Social Responsibility

QSL raised the bar by becoming the first Canadian maritime company to join the United Nations Global Compact. Becoming a North American industry benchmark requires multiple components:

  • Green Alliance certification for all its terminals
  • Installation of extensive networks of electric conveyors and a water treatment system
  • Local supply and production of equipment
  • Deployment of telemetry across its equipment fleet
  • Elimination of single-use water bottles
  • Implementation of an ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (worker health and safety) management system
  • Adoption of a circular economy philosophy and approach

Sustainable development is part of QSL’s DNA and is at the heart of its vision.

From Words to Actions

The installation of a new fixed conveyor at the Belledune port in New Brunswick will triple or quadruple goods transit speeds from one terminal to another, between ships, or from ships to other modes of transport.

By recycling an old warehouse and building a new one, in addition to a transfer tower, the quantity of bulk goods available is increased, thereby reducing the risk of stockouts.

Shorter transshipment operations reduce the risk of congesting the supply chain and help reduce GHG. Being a key link in the logistics and supply chain and our resilience against climate change make us agents of change.

Why settle for being good when we can be the best?

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