ICC Canada Arbitration Committee

Our ICC Canada Arbitration Committee raises the profile of Canadian international arbitrators and arbitration counsel both within Canada and abroad.

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ICC Canada Arbitration Committee

The ICC Canada Arbitration Committee consists of all corporate, law firm and organizational members of ICC Canada who are interested in learning about and becoming more involved in ICC’s dispute resolution services in Canada.

The group meets in different parts of Canada and abroad at luncheons, roundtable discussions, ICC arbitration conferences and via video or telephone conferences.

Working with ICC HQ, the ICC Canada Arbitration Committee leaders help organize conferences, seminars and corporate roundtables to educate the public about ICC’s different dispute resolution services and mechanisms.

Below are the ICC Canada Arbitration Committee leaders as of October 2023.


Myriam Seers, Arbitration Place and Agora |

Vice Chair

Craig Chiasson, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP |


ICC Canada Arbitration Nominations Commission

ICC Canada may be requested by the ICC International Court of Arbitration® (“ICC Court”) or the ICC International Centre for ADR (ICC Centre) to propose Canadian nationals with the required qualifications to serve in each case. ICC Canada may also propose non-nationals residing in Canada. This process is administered by the ICC Canada Arbitration Nominations Commission, which interacts with the Secretariat of the ICC Court to enhance the appointment process.

If you are an arbitrator and would like to be considered for an ICC Arbitration, or have any questions about the process please send an email to


How to Join

To become a member of the ICC Canada Arbitration Committee, you must be a member of ICC Canada. To find out if your corporation, firm or organization is already a member or for information about becoming a member, please send an email to

Find an Arbitrator

Our directory of arbitrators includes many of the most experienced Canadians practising international arbitration. Their knowledge and understanding can help you resolve disputes of all sizes.

Filing a Request for Arbitration

To begin an ICC Arbitration, you need to submit a “Request for Arbitration” with the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

ICC Dispute Resolution Services

In an increasingly tumultuous trade environment where access to justice and the rule of law are key to ensuring business continuity, ICC Dispute Resolution Services facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes with unmatched levels of service.

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