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You can certify your Certificates of Origin (CO) and other ad hoc documents with TradeCert.

TradeCert is a quick and efficient service that lets you apply and receive approval of your COs electronically from the comfort of your own office – provided you have access to a good quality colour printer.

For a listing of other benefits and a fee schedule, please visit

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To register, go to and follow the three simple steps.

Please scan a copy of the Letter of Waiver and background documents (e.g. proof of business registration in Canada, proof of origin, etc.) and send them by email to in order to create your account.

Upon receipt of the required documents, we will create a profile for your organization. Your company’s primary system user (as per the info provided on the letter of waiver) will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to use the system and retrieve his/her login information. Please note that other users within your organization can be added by the primary user. You will then be ready to submit your applications online and print your own COs.

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