Feb 01, 2021

Kontrol BioCloud Introduces New Viral Technology To Help In The Fight Against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the global economy in an unprecedented manner. The way we work and collaborate has changed and more than ever we are all interested in getting back to some level of normalcy.

Feeling safe in the workplace has never been more important. While vaccines play an important role in creating safer workplaces it remains unclear on when enough of the population will be vaccinated against COVID-19 for the vaccine to be effective. Further we have now accepted that other pandemics may await us in the future, and we need to be ready with new solutions and infrastructure.

Is airborne viral detection the new normal?

We have learned a great deal about how COVID-19 spreads and much of that learning has led scientists to conclude that airborne transmission rates and specifically indoor are much to blame. Most recently, as published in the Globe and Mail, 500 of Canada’s scientists are asking Governments to focus on airborne and indoor viral transmission technology solutions. These solutions include improved HVAC and air filtration and new advancements in viral detection.

Canadian based company and Canadian Chamber member, Kontrol BioCloud has invented a real-time viral detection technology, to help create safer spaces. The core of the BioCloud device is the Detection Mechanism & Virus Capture System (3 US patents and 1 Canadian) that is designed to detect airborne viruses in real-time. It utilizes a combination of three independent capture techniques that allows for intact virus sampling while achieving a high capture ratio. With a proprietary detection chamber that can be replaced as needed, it samples the air continuously, and when a virus is detected, an alert is created in the Cloud or over local intranet.

While testing and vaccines are important to get back to normal, so too are new technologies in the areas of air quality and viral detection. People need the confidence to return to the spaces they used to work and congregate in and Canadian technology can assist in creating those safer spaces.

Learn more at www.kontrolbiocloud.com