Media Releases Feb 23, 2021

Canadian Chamber welcomes Canada-U.S. relationship reset, shares what businesses want from roadmap

OTTAWA – February 23, 2021 – The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Vice President, Policy and International, Mark Agnew, issued the following statement today in response to the announcement today by the Canadian and American governments on the Canada-U.S. Partnership Roadmap.

“No relationship in Canadian foreign policy is more important than our partnership with the United States, whether it is on economic or security issues. The Roadmap announced today by Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden is a welcome reprieve from the past four years, and the business community is eager to usher in the next phase of the relationship between the two countries.

The intent of the plan announced today signals a positive outlook for workers and businesses on both sides of the border, but its success hinges on the ability of both countries to deliver on the details.

As Canada looks to return to more normalized relations with the US, there are opportunities for both countries to help each other build a sustainable and inclusive economic recovery. Since we know that every recovery is a business-led recovery, Canadian businesses need certainty on three critical trade-related issues:

  • Given how integrated and interdependent our supply chains are, there should be a carve out for Canadian companies on Buy American rules.
  • Both countries should coordinate approaches to carbon border adjustments to reduce unnecessary costs associated with regulatory overlap for businesses on both sides of the border. The approach should recognize the realities of our integrated supply chains and existing price on carbon.
  • Business also needs a forward-looking plan that provides predictability for the eventual unwinding of border restrictions, which includes clear milestones and consultations with industry on the new normal.

It will be critical to ensure these issues are addressed in the Roadmap’s delivery given their broad impacts on both Canadian and US businesses. Strengthening the relationship is important for Canada at the best of times, but even more critical now as a means to support a business-led recovery on both sides of the border.”

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