Media Releases Jun 10, 2021

Canadian Chamber urges G7 countries to serious on the issues affecting businesses

(OTTAWA) – June 10, 2021 – In advance of the G7 Leaders’ Summit occurring June 11-13, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Vice President Policy & International, Mark Agnew, made the following statement on the key actions that the G7 needs to take to accelerate the global economic recovery.

“This week’s G7 Summit marks the first major in-person gathering of world leaders since the start of the pandemic. Having the leaders meet in-person is a critical signal to businesses and consumers that there is a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. 

As Canada’s representative to the G7’s business advisory group, the Canadian Chamber has actively worked with our counterparts to provide recommendations on the key areas where we hope to see progress. Now is the time for action from government.

Health Canada’s Expert Panel has provided a science-based framework for how Canada can safely enable international mobility. We hope that the G7 will make progress on the safe resumption guidelines for international travel and accelerate an international standard on vaccine passports, both of which are important for the 25% of businesses that face obstacles with the status quo.

The widespread deployment of vaccines globally is critical to ending the pandemic. The G7 needs to take a clear stand opposing export restrictions and supporting the Ottawa Group Trade and Health Initiative as a means to accelerate global vaccination. The pandemic is a global problem requiring global solutions.

The G7 must also make demonstrable progress to strengthen the resiliency of critical mineral supply chains. Ensuring greater supply of these products is essential to the production of battery and semi-conductor technology, both of which are necessary preconditions for achieving our Net Zero 2050 aspirations.”

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