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Canadian Chamber Statement on Honda Announcement of New EV Plants in Ontario

Canadian Chamber Statement on Honda Announcement of New EV Plants in Ontario

On April 25, Honda announced it will invest $15B to build 4 new EV plants in Ontario

This is a positive, historic announcement by Honda to build new electric vehicle manufacturing plants here in Canada. It’s an investment that will help build Canada’s electric vehicle supply chain, help meet the country’s net zero targets, and create new jobs for Canadians.

The announcement also sheds light on the need for the federal government to move quickly to finalize and implement the investment tax credit (ITC) measures supported by industry to ensure certainty and drive additional Canadian manufacturing investments towards decarbonization. As we navigate the electric vehicle transition, it will be important to strike a balance between supporting industry growth and ensuring responsible use of taxpayer dollars. Ongoing transparency and collaboration between government and industry will be critical to drive positive outcomes for both the manufacturing sector and Canadians.

Matthew Holmes, Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Relations, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

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Karl Oczkowski
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