Media Releases Jan 18, 2021

Canadian Chamber of Commerce comment on reports Keystone XL may be canceled by new US administration

(OTTAWA) – January 18, 2021 – The President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Perrin Beatty, issued the following statement today on published reports that the new US administration may cancel the permit for the Keystone XL project.

“Canadians and Canada’s business community stand ready to work with the new US administration on addressing climate change and on issues that will help ensure our mutual prosperity.

Today, there are rumours the new U.S. administration may cancel the Keystone XL project permit by executive order shortly after Wednesday’s Inauguration. The Canadian Chamber urges the incoming administration to not take such an action, which would strain relations between our two countries and waste an opportunity to work together on a shared U.S. Canada strategy to fight climate change. We ask President Biden to take time to analyze this innovative project and its role in spurring a green transition to a healthier economy.

To reject Keystone XL on the basis of its climate impacts would ignore the fact that it will be the first pipeline in North America that will achieve net-zero emissions from the very first day it enters service in 2023.

Canadian oil products are subject to high environmental standards and a progressive carbon tax. They are produced by companies that have set aggressive targets for net-zero emissions. Keystone XL furthers the new U.S. administration’s climate action commitments by securing these products for the United States in place of oil from producers that do not adhere to those standards.

Canada shares the largest undefended and free border in the world with the U.S. This longstanding relationship has allowed both countries to prosper, and we hope this new administration will recall that both our countries win when we find ways to work on our shared ambitions. Keystone should be an important part of our shared climate future.”

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