Media Releases Jan 22, 2021

Canadian Chamber of Commerce applauds government approval of the Milton Logistics Hub Project

(OTTAWA) – January 21, 2021 – The President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Perrin Beatty, issued the following statement in response to the approval of the Milton Logistics Hub Project by the federal government.

Canadians unfortunately learned during the pandemic that supply chains are fragile and Canada’s transportation infrastructure needs significant investment. That’s why the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is pleased to see the Milton Logistics Hub finally get the green light from the federal government.

As we seek to restore our economy amid the ongoing pandemic, it is crucial that we ensure our businesses can stay competitive. To achieve that goal, we need to invest in reliable transportation and trade-enabling infrastructure that facilitates the smooth and effective operations of our supply chains. The Hub will play an important part in that infrastructure.

The Milton Logistics Hub will facilitate the delivery of everything Canadian families need to live their lives — from food products and medical supplies, to cars and electronics — while helping Canadian manufacturers efficiently and safely access domestic and international markets.

More specifically, it will provide much-needed transportation capacity within “Canada’s innovation corridor,” anchored by the Greater Toronto, Hamilton and Waterloo areas. The nation’s fastest-growing region is battered by ongoing gridlock and congestion, costing businesses up to $15 billion annually.

The project will also help make Canada greener. By 2030, freight emissions are expected to surpass passenger emissions in Canada. Since trucks generate four times more greenhouse gas emissions than trains, rail represents an environmentally responsible way to move goods. A single intermodal train can remove up to 300 long-haul trucks from our clogged highways. Since it will serve four trains daily, CN’s Milton facility will remove the equivalent of more than 400,000 trucks annually from our roadways, significantly reducing greenhouse gas and other emissions.

The Milton Hub is a perfect example of a shovel-ready, job-creating, environmentally responsible infrastructure project that will help Canada’s economy grow at home and aboard. We applaud the federal government’s approval of this project.”

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