Media Releases Jun 21, 2021

Border still out of step with science, still easier to fly to Paris than drive to Buffalo

(OTTAWA) – June 21, 2021 – The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s President and CEO, Perrin Beatty, issued the following statement regarding easing of border restrictions.

“Today’s announcement of further details for fully vaccinated Canadians returning to Canada is a welcome step, but Canadian businesses remain frustrated by the absence of a plan for how our country will eventually reopen borders, especially at a time when more domestic reopening plans are being published.

The Government of Canada’s Expert Panel laid out a comprehensive and science-based plan for how to safely reopen borders. This includes the elimination of quarantine hotels and moving travel measures to be administered on the basis of a traveller’s vaccination instead of their nationality.

A federal government multi-step plan to reopen the border on the basis of the Expert Panel report is long overdue. COVID-19 does not recognize a traveller’s citizenship, and maintaining differentiated rules for Canadian residents versus others will stunt our recovery from the pandemic. As the government knows a quarter of businesses have reported travel restrictions to be a barrier for their business.

Today’s announcement will helpfully make it easier for Canadians who travel abroad for business purposes, but continues to prevent visitors who want to come to Canada. Canadian communities whose jobs and livelihoods rely on tourism and companies that need to bring staff into the country for critical business functions will continue to feel the impact of these excessive restrictions.

The fact that it is easier for vaccinated Canadians to fly to Paris than it is to drive to Buffalo demonstrates how illogical the present policy is. It is time for common sense, guided by science, to dictate a well considered reopening plan.”

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