ICC Publications

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) publications are essential resources for anyone doing business across borders or around the world. These publications will assist you in dealing with often confusing terms, acronyms, procedures, rules and regulations that play a role in all international transactions today.

Some of the resources available for Canadian business include:

  • Incoterms publications providing resources for importers and exporters to know the division of their responsibilities and liabilities in international trade transactions.
  • Model contract publications covering a range of issues, such as turnkey projects and technology transfers, to help provide you with certainty when doing business abroad.
  • Trade finance guidelines, such as the UCP and the URDG, tor provide support for companies needing to finance their international transactions.
  • Arbitration resources for companies to resolve their disputes with foreign counterparts.

As ICC Canada and the exclusive point of sale in Canada for ICC publications, we make ICC publications available to Canadians through the ICC Bookstore.

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