Nov 18, 2019

Global Entrepneurship Week: 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Enriching Lives

Today marks the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week, where millions of leaders, innovators and dreamers across the world celebrate and recognize the contributions of entrepreneurs to our economy.

There are nearly 95,000 new SMEs created every year, which is why we want to help commemorate the entrepreneurs who start them! Here are the top 3 ways that entrepreneurs are enriching our lives:

  1. Entrepreneurs create new business. Their new ventures often times stimulate growth for related businesses or sectors who support them.
  2. Entrepreneurs add to our GDP. Beyond the new wealth generated from their product or services, the increased employment and higher earnings contribute to our GDP.
  3. Entrepreneurs help community development. Often times their money goes back into the local economy, whether it is supporting local charities, educations or helping other like-minded ventures.

Every entrepreneur has a different story, in the spirit of Global Entrepreneurship Week, we want to hear those stories about why you decided to start your own business! Additionally, we encourage other organizations to share how they are supporting entrepreneurial growth here and abroad. To share your stories with us, engage with us on TwitterFacebookInstagram or LinkedIn.

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