Feb 11, 2022

Critical Infrastructure Blockades

Canadian businesses have suffered under the strain of constant disruptions over the last two years. The challenges they have had to overcome have included COVID-19, extreme weather events, increasing inflationary pressures, labour shortages and supply chain disruptions. Now achieving a successful recovery is threatened by the ongoing blockades of the critical infrastructure that enables the livelihoods and well-being of all Canadians.

We stand ready to provide whatever assistance may be required to expedite a speedy re-opening of the Ambassador Bridge.

See what we’re working on below:

February 11, 2022
An open letter from Canadian businesses to our elected representatives
An open letter from 150+ Canadian businesses and associations calling on elected officials to bring this issue to a quick resolution.

Write to your elected official(s) at the federal, provincial/territorial or municipal level
Download this letter template and send it to your elected officials to let them know your concern over the ongoing illegal blockades.

Blockades and the Economy: Where are Peace, Order and Good Government?
An op-ed by our President & CEO Perrin Beatty and Senior Vice President, Policy and Government Relations Mark Agnew. Originally published in Policy Magazine.

February 08, 2022
Canadian, U.S. business associations call for immediate action to open Ambassador Bridge
Nearly 100 Canadian & U.S. business associations came together to call for immediate action to open the Ambassador Bridge in this joint statement.

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