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Canadian Chamber of Commerce Launches Partnership with CIBT

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Launches Partnership with CIBT

For immediate release. June 2, 2023 CIBT Inc. [CIBT], the leading global provider of immigration and visa services, is pleased...

For immediate release. June 2, 2023

CIBT Inc. [CIBT], the leading global provider of immigration and visa services, is pleased to announce the launch of a partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Through this partnership, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce will have access to CIBT’s professional expertise and knowledge database on a wide-range of immigration-related services.

CIBT was founded in 1989, with an initial focus on assisting business travelers in obtaining travel visas and other related documents required for international travel. Since then, CIBT has expanded its focus of operations to include immigration-related visas, document services, and the full spectrum of international work authorizations. CIBT works with corporations of all sizes; from small start-ups, to many of the companies on the Fortune 500.  

Through this partnership, Chamber of Commerce members will have access to CIBT’s services, and to gain assistance in immigration-related tasks such as acquiring business visas for international travel and work authorizations for foreign workers. In addition, CIBT provides a full spectrum of document services for international business. This includes time-consuming tasks such document legalisations and obtaining export shipping documents.

CIBT also maintains a comprehensive database of immigration and visa information, updated by on-staff professionals, daily, alllowing CIBT to help its clients maintain compliance with the vast array of international trade and mobility regulations. Regulatory compliance is often a challenge for businesses, especially when working across international borders. CIBT works closely with government agencies around the world, including Customs and Border services. By working with these agencies, CIBT can ease the process of moving goods across borders, while helping to ensure all current government regulations and practices are met.  

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is Canada’s largest and most activated business network — representing over 400 chambers of commerce and boards of trade and more than 200,000 businesses of all sizes, from all sectors of the economy and from every part of the country — to create the conditions for our collective success. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the undisputed champion and catalyst for the future of business success. From working with government on economy-friendly policy to providing services that inform commerce and enable trade, we give each of our members more of what they need to succeed: insight into markets, competitors and trends, influence over the decisions and policies that drive business success and impact on business and economic performance.

CIBT employs more than 1,600 expert immigration and visa professionals, attorneys and qualified migration consultants located in over 60 offices in 27 countries. To learn more about CIBT and its services please visit us here.

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