Aug 15, 2019

BIAC: Your Gateway to Shape International Policies

Business at OECD (BIAC) is the world’s top economic decision-making body. As the Canadian member of BIAC, we ensure your voice is heard at international forums and in OECD policy. From the ability to shape policy recommendations to getting leading insights on issues before they are enacted domestically, being a member of BIAC Canada gives you opportunities that you cannot get elsewhere. Some benefits include:

The ability to shape policy – The opportunity to consult with OECD leadership and government officials on matters that impact business.

An international voice – A platform to convey business perspectives to decision-makers on a broad range of business and economic issues.

Access to industry experts – Get leading insights from over 2,800 experts on key areas affecting business.

The chance to represent Canadian business on the world stage – The opportunity to participate on policy groups that advocate recommendations to bolster business competitiveness.

To learn more about BIAC Canada membership, click here.

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