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From Stagnation to Sprouting: How Shipping Can Grow Your Business


Being able to deliver the best customer service and products to your customers can happen from anytime place at any time. 

Integrating ecommerce into your business plan is one of many ways to increase your market base and boost your sales. An online business model does come with its own challenges, including supply chain needs and shipping costs. Making your product more accessible to consumers will set your brand apart from the competition.



Canadian Chamber wraps up Canadian representation at B20 Summit

(OTTAWA) – March 15, 2019 – The Canadian Chamber of Commerce wrapped up its work as Canada’s official representative at this year’s B20 summit, where its input will be included in recommendations to G20 leaders ahead of their June meeting in Japan.

The priority areas for Canadian businesses advocated by the Canadian Chamber were the promotion of digital trade and e-commerce policies to help exporters, tackling unfair industrial subsidies that disadvantage Canadian companies, and reforming the World Trade Organization to preserve multilateral trade rules.

Posted on 15-03-2019

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