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Entrepreneurship: It is an Ongoing Evolution


This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week, which commemorates the power entrepreneurs have to transform economies worldwide. To help us celebrate, our Board member, Nicole Verkindt, CEO of OMX and an entrepreneur, has shared with us her perspective on Canadian entrepreneurship.

"Being an entrepreneur in Canada has changed enormously since I started out a decade ago. There is now a much larger community and ecosystem around entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs. There is a lot more support for both entrepreneurship and the merits of embracing innovation.



Privacy: Ottawa must practice what it preaches

On Tuesday Canadians learned that Statistics Canada demanded that a private company hand over the credit ratings, including personal identifiers, of millions of Canadians without first seeking their consent. This breach of people’s trust by a government agency severely undermines public confidence that Ottawa respects Canadians’ right to privacy. According to news reports, Statistics Canada also plans to compel Canada’s banks to hand over personal banking records, including purchases, balances owing, and payment histories.

While the agency’s objectives might be legitimate, the ends definitely don’t justify the means.

Posted on 01-11-2018

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