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Connectivity is Crucial to Canada’s Productivity and Economic Recovery


The Canadian Business Resilience Network brings together a vast network of over 450 chambers of commerce and boards of trade and more than 100 of Canada’s leading business and industry associations, from all regions and sectors of the economy. This network represents diverse viewpoints, and the CBRN blog provides a platform to share ideas with other members of the business community and the federal government. The opinions expressed in this blog post do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of CBRN or the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. 

This thought leadership piece from TELUS provides insight into how Canada’s telecommunications networks play a role in the country’s econom ...



Canadian Chamber of Commerce Statement on Racism

Sadly, we Canadians are reminded all too frequently that our country is not immune. The virus of hatred, which divides Canadians based on the colour of their skin or their families’ places of origin, denies the very humanity of many of our fellow citizens. We must fight racism with the same sense of unity and determination as we are demonstrating in our battle against the pandemic.

Posted on 02-06-2020

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