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#CCCAGM16 Recap


So many great things to touch on after this past week’s #CCCAGM16, it’s hard to know where to begin! We kicked the weekend off with registration where our team greeted a bevy of familiar faces. Delegates were treated with what Canadian Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Perrin Beatty, described as ‘celebrity status swag bags’ loaded with goodies including a selfie stick and a number of keepsakes from our generous sponsors.

Saturday began with the Chamber Competition when Darryl Stann, Chief Risk Officer and Senior Vice President of Finance at Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc., shared a few words with the crowd. With amazing projects from finalists in ...



Ensuring the Viability of the Oil and Gas Sector a Priority for Canada’s Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of commerce across Canada showed resounding support for the federal government to provide the equitable consultation and regulatory certainty needed to develop the critical trade infrastructure all Canadians will depend on to prosper and compete in the 21st Century.

During the 2016 Canadian Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting held September 18-19 in Regina, Saskatchewan, the consensus view of business leaders from all regions was that the continued viability of Canada’s oil and gas sector is a priority to enable all Canadians long-term prosperity. That viability hinges on the National Energy Board’s capability to consult stakeholders, and to make expert and timely recommendations to the federal government for approving or rejecting proposed projects.

Posted on 22-09-2016

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Duncan Wilson as New Board Chair

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the election of Duncan Wilson, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility at the Port of Vancouver as volunteer Chair of its Board for 2016-2017 at its Annual General Meeting in Regina today.

“Today, more than ever before in Canada, business has to contend with new challenges and I’m very pleased to be chairing an organization that is taking such a leadership role” said Mr. Wilson, Chair of the Board of Directors. “My first priority is to ensure that the Chamber is leading in helping business adapt to the realities of climate change. As we put in place the tools and measures to grow our economy, that’s something we can’t ignore. With a broad network of 450 chambers and more than 200’000 businesses across Canada, the Canadian Chamber is uniquely positioned to collaborate with government on ways to address this challenge.”

Posted on 18-09-2016

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Seizing Six Opportunities for More Clarity in the Duty to Consult and Accommodate Process (September 2016)

Our report outlines six opportunities for the Crown to improve its duty to consult and accommodate process and improve relationships amongst businesses, Indigenous communities and government.

5 Minutes for Business: Trade Trouble: We’re Headed for Two Years of Zero Growth (September 2)

This brief looks at Canada’s struggling export performance and outlines three actions Canada must take to improve its export outcomes and grow the economy.

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