Women in the Workforce

Although many significant strides have been made for women in the workplace, there is still much work to be done, particularly in regards to women in leadership.

This involves not only facilitating more women and diversity on boards and in senior leadership roles, it also requires giving attention to the talent pipeline. To this end, we are giving consideration to subjects such as sponsorship and mentorship, entrepreneurship (including Indigenous entrepreneurship), women’s access to capital, promoting STEM and the skilled trades to young women and access to childcare. Top of mind will be the diversity of women’s experiences within all of these challenges and opportunities.

Below you will find a wealth of resources highlighting best practices, alongside reports and articles of interest. As this site develops, you will also find information on engagement opportunities and events of interest.

Council for Womens Advocacy

Our Council for Womens Advocacy is responsible for driving meaningful action to address the barriers facing women in the workforce while ensuring the perspectives of women are integrated into national public policy development.