Enhancing Business-Indigenous Engagement

Along with helping our members fill their skills and talent gaps, our inclusive growth initiative is designed to support our members in building relationships that will help their businesses thrive. Building relationships with groups that are often under-represented in business is not only the right thing to do, it’s critical to our national competitiveness and well-being.

Informed and respectful engagement between businesses and Indigenous communities is an example. A seismic shift is underway in the current and potential heft of Indigenous peoples in our society and economy. Indigenous peoples contribute billions of dollars to our economy annually and they are creating new businesses at five times the rate of non-Indigenous peoples. When combined with the fact that Indigenous peoples are the youngest, fastest growing demographic in Canada, ensuring they have the same opportunities to contribute to our economy is imperative. That said, taking the first step in engaging with Indigenous peoples can be daunting.

We’re pleased to offer you resources to help you get started on this important journey or to help enhance your relationships with Indigenous peoples. These resources include the experiences and best practices of businesses with longstanding relationships with Indigenous peoples, research and training tools.

Indigenous Affairs Policy Committee

Our Indigenous Affairs Committee examines the relationships between Canada’s businesses and Indigenous peoples and advocates opportunities both can use to ensure private sector projects can move forward in a way that meets the competitive priorities of business while respecting the rights of Indigenous peoples.