National Reopening Government Regulation Tracker

In order to operate, businesses must abide by all national, provincial/territorial and local codes issued by our governments.

This includes when and which businesses are allowed to open, an array of health and safety measures, social distancing standards, occupancy limits and more.
The rules inform how your operations and health and safety standards must be adapted to the evolving situation.

Below, please find access to rules and regulations that are in place according to federal and provincial/territorial jurisdictions.

Please note:

  • Regulatory changes may have taken place since this page was updated (March 23, 2021). In case of disagreement between this page and an official government website, please abide by the government source.
  • Depending on the nature of your operation, you may be subject to more than one set of regulations (e.g. if you operate in more than one province; or you may be subject to both provincial and municipal standards).
  • This toolkit does not include municipal codes directly, which may have an impact your operations. Please consult your local chamber of commerce or municipal government resources for local information.

Click here to access CBRN’s Reopening Canada Toolkit.


Travel Regulations

  • Full travel information is available from the Government of Canada’s Travel, quarantine and borders resource page.
  • Travel restrictions are in place at the Canadian border, including the requirement of a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • Anyone who returns to Canada must immediately self-quarantine for 14 days, including staying in government-mandated hotels pending negative test results. The only exceptions are for certain medical or supply chain reasons.
  • Essential business travel is permitted. U.S. nationals without symptoms may enter Canada only for essential reasons. Other foreign nationals may only enter Canada if they meet specific exemptions. The specific quarantine regulations and exemptions are in place for medical and supply chain services.


Alberta has implemented stronger measures for public health, including mandatory masks, business closures, and gathering limits. Full information is available here.

British Columbia

British Columbia has province-wide restrictions in place, including rules that impact business operations. Full information is available here.


Manitoba has implemented the Restart MB Pandemic Response System. Business, event, and gathering limits are in place. More information is available here.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is implementing a reopening plan with four stages and has divided the province into seven zones. Some business operations restrictions may be in place. There may be additional travel restrictions into or between provinces in the Atlantic Bubble. More information is available here.

Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories has released its Emerging Wisely plan for reopening. It is a five-part plan consisting of containment, relaxing Phase 1, relaxing Phase 2, relaxing Phase 3, and all measures lifted. More information, including the current phase information, is available here.

Nova Scotia

There are province-wide restrictions in place across Nova Scotia. Information on the current restrictions is available here.

Nova Scotia Public Health instructions for preventing COVID-19 in workplaces are available here.

There may be additional travel restrictions into or between provinces in the Atlantic Bubble. More information is available here.


The Government of Nunavut has extended its Public Health Emergency, which includes travel restrictions. Orders from the Chief Public Health Officer are available here. Travel-specific information is available here.


Information regarding Ontario’s COVID-19 public health measures and advices is available here, including regional-by-region information.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island has a three-stage alert system and is currently at the Caution level with some restrictions in place. More information is available here.

There may be additional travel restrictions into or between provinces in the Atlantic Bubble. More information is available here.


Quebec has a four-level alert system, with varying restrictions in place according to each level.

More information on the levels currently in place as well as the requirements for each level is available here.


Saskatchewan has public health measures in place, including mandatory masks, business restrictions, and gathering limits. Current public health orders are available here. Information for allowable business activities is available here.


Yukon is implementing the next steps of its Path Forward plan, which continues to include business restrictions. More information is available here.

As a condition of operation, businesses must have an approved COVID Operational Plan. A template for business is available here from the Yukon Government.