Joint letter to political leaders on the prolonged recovery of the food service industry across Canada

Dear First Ministers and Municipal Leaders:

Our restaurants are cornerstones of communities of all sizes across Canada. They’re meeting places for business and pleasure; they’re where we celebrate; they’re where we gather to mourn a loss. The local restaurant is where many of us worked our first part-time gig, or went on a first date, or stopped by when we needed to see a friend. Canadians are connected deeply to “their” local pub, or “their” late-night takeout spot.

Pre-COVID, the economic impact of our restaurants on Canadians was deeply felt. The industry directly created one out of every 15 jobs (1.2 million Canadians), served 22 million meals per day to Canadians, operated close to 100,000 establishments, paid Canadians $30 billion of wages and benefits, and contributed $31 billion annually to Canada’s GDP.

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