Media Releases May 29, 2020

The massive Canadian Survey on Business Conditions, capturing COVID-19’s impact on businesses, gears up for round two

(OTTAWA) – Friday, May 29, 2020 – Statistics Canada and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce are today launching the second national survey assessing COVID-19’s impact upon Canadian businesses.

The initial Canadian Survey on Business Conditions (CSBC) was very successful, compiling insights from over 12,000 businesses. This second iteration of the CSBC will provide additional insight into the ongoing repercussions of COVID-19 on businesses in Canada, but will now also include new questions on the needs and requirements of the recovery period. 

The current survey will also collect insights on how businesses are preparing for a phased reopening, adapting to the digital economy and addressing cyber security, managing the availability of personal protective equipment, as well as temporary and permanent changes to their business plans.

“Understanding how businesses are coping and planning for their re-opening and eventual recovery is critical to informed decision-making by policy makers and business leaders alike. The timeliness and relevance of the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions, on the scale with which Statistics Canada delivered it, has had enormous impact on how the public and private sectors manage this crisis. The second iteration will be equally invaluable and will help guide us into the recovery phase of the pandemic,” said Perrin Beatty, President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

The second survey will be in the field between May 29 and late June, and surveys results will be shared in late June/early July.

As a voluntary survey, Statistics Canada will draw a list of businesses to be invited to participate from its Business Registry. They will receive a personalized invitation and will be encouraged to participate – participation is not mandatory.  Statistics Canada will have the continued support of the Chamber, its extensive network of businesses and business associations and coalitions, and it is this supportive relationship that will be key in promoting and motivating invited businesses to participate despite facing a most challenging time.

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